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[HELP] PedAiming


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I got a problem with my code... I want that if you are in the team Criminal, and if you aim at a player which is in the team "Police" the criminal guy which aimed will get stars...

But in this code, if you are in the police team and you aim, you also get stars. and as a crim you get stars too.

function playerTargetCheck ( thePlayer ) 
    local target 
    for i, thePlayer in ipairs ( getElementsByType("player") ) do   
        target = getPedTarget ( thePlayer )                         
        if ( target ) then                                          
            if ( getElementType ( target ) == "player" ) and thePlayer then      
                setPlayerWantedLevel(thePlayer, 6) 
            elseif target == thePlayer then return false 
setTimer ( playerTargetCheck, 1000, 0 )  

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Try this using onPlayerTarget event.

function onPlayerTarget (element) 
    local teamNameC = getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(source)) 
    if element and getElementType (element) == "player" then 
        local theTeamName = getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(element)) 
            if (theTeamName == "Police") then  
            if (teamNameC ~= "Criminal") then return end  
            setPlayerWantedLevel(source, 6) 
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerTarget", getRootElement(), onPlayerTarget )  

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