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  1. Im alittle bit curious and I want to know if Is it possible to connect mta server with Oracle Data Base instead of MySQL / Sqlite?
  2. Im asking if there is a way to code for MTA in Java instead of Lua?
  3. Hey, As the title says, Is there another method to attach the player userdata under a key onLogin without using the elementdatas? Thanks,
  4. Alright, does anyone know how to make this circle's shape looks smooth?
  5. @Killer Project You did nothing bro, only copied the wiki. I'm talking about the steps to make circle becomes progress.
  6. Hello Community, Did anyone here have done making the circle progresss bar before? if yes, I would like to know the steps you followed to make it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello community, I'm using MySQL database to save data for my scripts I make for people in local server, I wonder if there's a way to use MySQL in local server with out using XAMP since XAMP force you to close the skype before using it, is there any good remplacement? Thanks in advance.
  8. KariiiM

    Car Rotators

    Lua developers had created "ipairs" and "pairs" loops for their purpose, each loop has its role and its own usage; "ipairs": looping indexed tables and in order. "pairs": looping the tables who were created with a key-value and pairs donnot return the table's items in order even for indexed tables.
  9. KariiiM


    Hardly to help without posting your code
  10. Hey swag_k_dog, try my code and let me know --CLIENT SIDE: local missionMarker = createMarker(2153, -1799, 12.5, "cylinder", 1.1, 255, 0, 0, 100) local FONT = guiCreateFont(":freeroam_login/images/gtasanandreas.ttf", 50) function missionGui() missionName = guiCreateLabel(0.64, 0.85, 0.38, 0.13, "sweet buisness", true) guiSetFont(missionName, FONT) guiLabelSetColor(missionName, 252, 226, 81) end function destroyGuis ( ) if isElement ( missionName ) then destroyElement ( missionName ) end end addEventHandler ( "onClientMarkerHit", missionMarker, function ( hitElement ) if ( isElement ( hitElement ) and hitElement == localPlayer ) then triggerServerEvent ( "server->hitMarker", localPlayer, localPlayer ) end end ) addEventHandler ( "onClientMarkerLeave", missionMarker, function ( hitElement ) if ( isElement ( hitElement ) and hitElement == localPlayer ) then destroyGuis ( ) end end ) addEvent ( "client->hitMarker", true ) addEventHandler ( "client->hitMarker", localPlayer, function ( ) missionGui ( ) fadeCamera ( false, 1.3 ) setTimer ( fadeCamera, 3000, 1, false, 1.3 ) setTimer ( guiSetVisible, 5500, 1, missionName, false ) end ) --SERVER SIDE: addEvent ( "server->hitMarker", true ) addEventHandler ( "server->hitMarker", root, function ( player ) if ( not client ) then return -- for security reasons, this helps against rouge clients end if ( not player ) then return -- the same end triggerClientEvent ( client, "client->hitMarker", client ) end )
  11. Where is the timing part ?
  12. Make a check if the player is logged in then get his account name, otherwise you will need to store it the player name somewhere each time logged / left the game and get it later.
  13. Hello there, I wanna know why I get this error message in my local server console, ERROR Msg: Kind regards, KariM
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