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I am new at scripting mm... i need a little help here....

i made some simple resources but i have never made a script that contains more than 1 player and i want to make a marker and on that markerHit i want to transfer the player to a Last man standing area because of course i am making a last man standing mini game so i will transfer players to the match area then i want to getPlayersCount (the match area) and idk how to transfer them with a correct dimen and int and also i don't know how to deal with more than 1 player so... a little help here please!

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yes yes what to int and dimen to set??? :?:

If you want to set position outside world, then no need to use setElementInterior

Or if you want to set Interior then use this.

setElementInterior ( theElement, interiorID) --visit link down to get interior ID you prefer. 


For Dimension,

setElementDimension (  theElement, anyNo ) --anyNo you like, 0 is default. 

Note that theElement is the player, so specify it.

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