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[TUT] Map Making Tutorial !

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Before I start, I want to say that this tutorial is brought from ffsgaming.com. Enjoy 8)

Object list

This tutorial is made for people who have knowledge of the map-editor of Multi Theft Auto.

Spend time to make both track and decoration, it's better to spend 2 more weeks on it than rush it.

So, how do you make a decent map?

I'm going to divide this tutorial into 2 sections:


1: The Track

2: The Decoration


The Track:

Nowadays people "need" the toolbox to map, so it's advised to download it first, and watch a tutorial about it. Here are some toolboxes:

Arezu's Mapping Toolbox

NeXTreme's Editor Tools

First of all, it's important to ALWAYS let the driver know where the track is going. I see a lot of new mappers who make their track so weird that you have no idea where to go.

Now, let me make a list to make a great track:

Make smooth landings, (if you're to lazy to make them, here's a tool)it's always annoying if you land real hard since you often bounce off.

Try not to make endless (350+ pieces) Loops/wallrides with Bauss' Toolbox, those are boring to drive (in my opinion).

If you make a ramp, always cover it with a shade (preferably with another color). Here's an example.

Create some diversity in the track, don't make 3 loops in a row. Make as many diversity as possible (Wallride/Ramps/0.50 loops etc).

Find some new objects to use as a track! A lot of people only use shades/roads. Try to use buildings as well, a lot of them are capable for driving and look nice as well.

Use the track in such a way which nobody has done before, that might take time, but it's worth the effort.

If you make a ramp of only 1 type of shade, try to create a pattern in the ramp. (1 grey/4 brown or 2 grey/5 brown etc...)

Build the track lower or the same height as the decoration is, if you do so, you can see a lot more from the decoration.


The Decoration:

Use the toolbox as less as possible for the decoration. If you copy Rocks/Trees etc.. with it it will look generated which shows you didn't put much effort in it.

If you're making your first map, it's not a problem to use basic objects like Rocks/Trees/Buildings etc.. but it's always better to try something different.

If you're gonna make a tropical-style map (Time-5:30-6:00), pick objects that fit in a tropical map. (Brown Rocks/Palms/Hipoly/Brown-colored buildings) So don't use snow trees etc..

If you're gonna make a night-style map (Time-0:00-4:00), pick objects that fit in a night style map. It's advised to use dark objects and put a light object on that, because in a night map you see lights a lot better, and they look better as well.

Combine objects in such a way that they look cool together, do NOT just pick objects you saw on other maps and put them together with rocks and trees.

A diversity of colors is always advised. For example: a white rock combined with object-"hipoly" looks great if you put a "healthcity" behind it.

A thing that I use a lot is to make the decoration look "realish". For example: A bridge can't fly, so make some pillars to "support" it. Buildings can't fly as well, support them with rocks so they look like they're standing on something.


Some useful (imo) tropical objects.

-8902 -Bally building (Pink building)

-16113 -Brown rocks

-726...735 -Hipoly trees

-8397 -Luxorpillar (Big yellow pillar)

-3276 -Wooden Fence

Some more buildings I like in a tropical map:

10398, 4193, 4569, 4573, 4576, 4681, 6966, 10056, 10143

Some buildings in a nighttime map:

LibrTow1_Lan || 4550

ballypllr01_lvs || 3437

ballys01_lvs || 8393

exclbrsign01_lvs || 8620

ggbrig_06_sfw || 9690

mall01_01_sfs || 10974

flamingo02_lvs || 8488

vgn_corpbuild3 || 6873

vgsn_pipeworks01 || 7347

Also I'm sure I've forgotten something, any feedback is welcome!

I hope this was useful in a way.

Best regards and thanks!

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