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Still Waiting that update .....

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MTA:SA Team,

We're really Excited to see the update that let scripters make the game more custom-able,

The custom animation will change MTA to another game !

There will be new server types : like parkour servers,

The game will be amazing with it !

Are you with me guys ?! ....

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Meh, I doubt that. Not my intention to offend anyone, but in my opinion, we will still see lazy scripters that use only basic MTA functions and GUI on most MTA servers, making their servers similar to SA-MP ones, but that for unknown reasons receive a lot of players. Server scripters must learn the incredible MTA potential, then we will be able to imagine a self-made game looking for servers. In basic terms, the whole MTA community must change the way they imagine a good server.

By the way, custom animations were going to be released on 1.1, but something happened and a lot of hard work has to be done. If I'm not wrong, the new animations broke embedded ones, I'm not sure. I agree it would be awesome if someone does the job, but I see it difficult to be honest.

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