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getElementData ipairs


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if I use that goes for all of the specific team

for _,v in ipairs (getPlayersInTeam (getTeamFromName("Novo Jogador do BMV"))) do 
outputChatBox ( "Ola novo jogador", v ,0,255,0,true) 

how will I do for getElementData ?

for _,v in ipairs (getElementData("Red")) do  
outputChatBox ( "Ola novo jogador", v ,0,255,0,true) 


If a player has Element Red so he would receive a msg

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lol, your previously code was better.

Yet, mihayy5 his code is still the best solution, since getElementData only returns nil when the code fails, otherwise false.


Make sure you only send the message to the correct player. Which you can set up in the outputChatBox function.

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function getPlayersByElementData(theData) 
local tableResult = {} 
for i, v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do 
if getElementData(v, theData) then 
table.insert(tableResult, v) 
return tableResult 


for i, v in ipairs(getPlayersByElementData("Red")) do 
outputChatBox("lol msg", v, 0, 255, 0) 

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