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I bring something uncommon but very useful when sending messages to the server, for those who are tired of use the chatbox as message receiver.

* Features


message  - string Message 
player - player thePlayer 
red - int colorRed 
green - int colorGreen 
blue - int colorBlue 
ms - int milliseconds   

Server-side syntax:

bool outputMessageBar(message, player, red, green, blue, ms) 

client-side syntax:

bool outputMessageBar(message, red, green, blue, ms) 





addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), 
  exports.bar_messages:outputMessageBar(getPlayerName(source).." has entered.", getRootElement(), 255, 255, 0, 5000) 

* Version 1.0 -- Release of the resource.

download: https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... s&id=11138

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