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[Help] attempt to concatentate


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Hi, I got this error ?

attempt to concatentate 'needparts' (a bolean value)

This is the code:

local needparts = getElementData(veh, "needparts") 
local parts = getElementData(getElementData(veh, "parent"), "Parts_inVehicle") or 0 
local w = dxGetTextWidth(parts .. "/" .. needparts .. " Componenta de metal", 1.02, "default-bold")--Here it gives error. 

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If this:

getElementData(veh, "needparts") 

is not set it will return false when you try to get it's value, that means "needparts" will be false as well, and false cannot be included into a string. Try this on line 1:

local needparts = getElementData(veh, "needparts") or 0 

, that will assign the default value to 0 just like you did on line 2.

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