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Also known as "the walrus jail" is a jail map I made for GTW-RPG, believe it or not but it's actually one of my first maps. So what I've been trying to do is something similar to the Alcatraz jail, but instead of it's own island it's a semi island built on smaller rock islands near Bayside Marina (San Fierro), the map itself won't stop anyone from escaping however, to make it escape proof you need to complement it with the resource "GTWsafeareas" which will add rockets on the guard towers firing at anything in the water or in the air. A couple of prison guards won't hurt either ;)

The functionality is under development, but can be seen on the demo server, including police job, wanted level and jail:




Note that this release only includes the map currently, and here's some screenshots:












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That's a very simple map. U have just Fenced SF esplande East and u have put some objects which are normally used. Nothing special.

But i will give u a gud luck.

Hope u make gud maps nxt time.

There are warps also and it's not throwing objects. That was what you did, this is a open area for jail people who can escape. No need to make it too special?

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The map is really cool , i would like to invite you to enter in the server to see the map together with the scripts.

And it isn't that hard to escape , you need skills and MrBrutus need to be offline xD pro guard btw xD

Ok i will come and see it how hard it is... :)

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