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Scripting Help!


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Well I learnt a little scripting, I am sadly still on the beginner/moving onto more advanced side :(

I want to get more experienced in LUA on the MTA Side,

So I fully understand -

'if' statements

'else' statements

And I know most of MTA Scripting Wiki, still un-sure about Dx :( too hard.

And now I want to push my self to more advanced scripting such as creating tables, putting arguments in and basically just creating more larger scripts is what I am trying to say. I want to create much bigger systems than smaller one's and want to sooner or later start creating gamemodes by myself and hopefully be as successful as Solidsnake, :D that's my aim!

So can anyone give me any tips, tut's or guides!

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No, definitely not an RPG gamemode. You'll probably never finish it and get discouraged easily. Start with, for instance, a GUI account system. Once your done, expand it to include a forget option. Of course, that's just an example.

Oh and please don't double post, use the edit button.

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