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2nd Stunt Movie (The REAL movie is now posted.)

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It was nice.

It had only original stunts and some of 'm were really impresive. (1500+ spin via lightpole) Yet something was missing.

You did too many roof-gaps (Better said: you only did those) and that made it a little boring.

You should have done some grinds and stuff.

As for the quality: I know its done on PS2 but still its not very good. Could have been better.

I also missed your PR spinning. (5100+ degree)

As for the music: I would have chosen another track but thats just taste.


8.5/10 for the stunts (should have more grinds and other tricks)

7/10 for the editing (it was anoying that you did text and than video and so on)

7/10 for the music

7.5/10 overall.

Keep up the good work mate. 8)

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i would give it a 7.0....why?

Becuz u done to meny of the same stunts i would have only done afew spins and then break it up with other ones.

Way to meny lamppost stunts once u seen 1 u have seen them all.

try making ur own stunts up by placing cars and vans into wierd places instead of using ramps and chairs and poles.

Muisc was shit btw lol

Sum stunts looked abit wierd but mayb thats just PS2 gameplay.


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I liked it a lot. (not cause i was in it. i actually couldn't even figure out where i was at in it) I mean the video quality wasn't that good, but I really liked how you did it all in MTA and had so many people participating. 8/10 from me Tex. :)

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