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[REL] Car suspension tool LHARC

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- About the Suspension tool LHARC

With this little tool enables you to adjust the suspension as desired lower or higher, with a multi-language system with customized alerts, easy gui facilitate the suspension adjustment why use a handling editor super complicated if you can easily adjust your suspension with the mouse wheel try the LHARC Systems !

- Supported Languages (Included)

1 - English (Default)

2 - Portuguese Brazil (Optional)

3 - Spanish (Optional)

- All settings are adjustable in the Admin Panel:

1. start admin

2. press 'p'

3. select Resources tab

4. double click on "suspension_tool"

- Options in the panel

1 - Language (You can adjust the language for the players)

2 - Suspension limit (With this option you can remove the height limit currently use a mathematical multiplying the handling and the percentage to set the maximum height limit for non buggy wheels and makes it impossible for the car to walk)

3 - Suspension moving (Lets you change the suspension in motion)

4 - Notify driver (Warns the driver about the suspension system and he can activate by pressing F12 when enter on the vehicle using the multi-language system

- Binds

Binds: only on when F12 is enabled

"Mouse scroll UP" - Raises the car's suspension

"Mouse scroll DOWN" - Lower the car's suspension


"Numpad +" - Raises the car's suspension

"Numpad - " - Lower the car's suspension


"Hold CTRL" - Allows change the suspension to button click



Please rate this script is very important to me, leave a simple comment 'll be happy to read

Paypal donations or contact please [email protected]

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Have you checked how vehicles behave in contact to water?

Hello my friend, first of all thank you for contacting me.

I also had this problem with cheetah vehicle he collided with the water and flip, when changed the handling I do not know the exact if the problem is related to steam version I tested as a non-steam version and the collision does not exist. The physics engine and everything is applied when the vehicle is in water if you want use the car on the water It is unlikely that this work change the traction multiplier and traction loss and don't forget to make changes on the percent submerged.

Sorry I can not help you in a better way, but I believe that in fact this problem is related to the MTA and a different game base, because when the handling of certain vehicles are changed there is a collision with water eg in las venturas, change the suspension of cheetah for example and try to walk near the pirate ship, water will start coming out of the asphalt and the car getting stuck with the steam version.

I'm trying to find out for sure what is causing this problem but apparently it is problem with mta !

That spin's awesome!

Haha, hellyeah !

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