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MTA Gun Shooting

Guest Dragon96

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I have noticed a while ago while playing deathmatch in vice that when u shoot like at the sky or somthing, other players see u shooting horizontally like straight. I'm not sure if this has been answered yet and im sorry if it has. But I'm just wondering if 0.4 will have that fixed.

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I've always called it "Y-Axis Auto Aim".

It's actually really helpful when shooting at helicopters. You don't have to aim properly up/down, MTA does it for you. For instance, you could be shooting at your feet, but the bullets on everyone else's screen are going up at the heli...

This also useful for other tricks, but I won't share them here..


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I think he means that you could be shooting at a chopper and the guy in front of you on the ground dies mysteriously. :-\

I hope they don't "FIX" it.

It's not something that needs to be "fixed" in my opinion; it's not really a bug at all.

Although I'd like to shoot at a sign up in the air and say to another player, "What am I shooting?" and them be able to tell I'm shooting the sign.


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i know what you mean, another related thing is that it doesnt seem to allow you to shoot as hight or low as you are on your screen.

say you and a buddy are facing a building, on your screen your shooting the 6th floor, but on his, yer shooting the fourth. there seems to be a height limit, that is less than the limit on your screen.

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I've noticed that when people shoot down at me, sometimes their bullets dont shoot far enough to hit me.

In that case, I move forward into their range of fire, and continue shooting. If their bullets weren't hitting me; mine weren't hitting him.

So by moving into their line of fire, I suppose that allows my fire to hit them, too.


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