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disconnected from server?

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Hi, yes Nooob here!

Must start by saying how great MTA is...played all weekend with two friends and it's mucho fun. Downloaded files last week, got game and server all set up, edited conf. file to suit our needs etc, and started playing. We are on a LAN...using a small network hub and have encountered ther following problem. [we are hosting the server on my machine, and two other players are connecting via 10/100 ethernet.

after about 25 minutes of play things start going weird. I usually get a 'disconnected from server' in the chat box. If im lucky i can quit game and re-enter game, but usually results in a 'time out' . After that nobody can connect to the server. Is there a cure for this disconnecting problem?

I have tried fresh installs and new conf files, and it still happens?

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ur stupid dj. just because theyre using a hub wont cause them to have all those problems.

#1, what os does the server and players run?

#2, turn off firewalls?

#3, try reinstalling vc/mta?

#4, i dunno im tired so i dont have many ideas right now

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Server running on xp pro machine plus me playing on that machine...

two other people using xp home, connect fine for all other multiplayer games we play [sof2, unreal04 etc etc]. All software firewalls are inactive, and clean installs of vc and client software.

Played last night, just running around on my own! I know it's sad! no problems! server ran with problems all night. So must be something to do with others connecting to my pc/server.

any suggestions most welcome.

ps-is it likely to be a port problem. Thats one thing I am not sure on how to check. All set to 2003. But how to check if anything else is using that port?

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Not sure what this could be. Seems unlikly to be a port problem and more likely to be a faulty hardware or (other) software problem. It could even be somthing as simple as a damaged cable or network card. Try different configurations and see if anything particular is happening (in game) when you get disconnected.


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