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i have gta 3, i want to play online, i have the seeing eye, i have version 1.1, i have the multi mod, how do i do it? i read all the manuals and no help, PLEASE HELP ME ASAP ANYONE!! thankyou!!

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You're not allowed to ask for release dates.

However, the MTA team released 3 versions for GTA3 and 3 versions for VC in just one year, so it shows that they work quickly.

The team want to promote the best experience possible. Unfortunately, this means that extra time must be spent in researching and incorporating anti-cheat methods. Obviously, this extra time will be beneficial upon release.

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You're not going to find many people willing to play GTA3, and it isn't the sort of game that plays well with small numbers of people.

I'd say that you're best bet is to take a look on Ebay and try to get Vice City cheaply.

What MTA really needs is a bunch of always-on dedicated servers. The best way to encourage this is to request hosting companies to add MTA support. Most companies are perfectly happy to do this.

I requested MTA support for http://www.instantgameserver.com and they now support VC and will support GTA3 in the future.

So come on people, pester those hosting companies. :D

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is VC any good then? ive always played the gta games, but i hesitated about VC, it looked a bit cartoony lol will you play it with me? and 1 of your freinds maybe?

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