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A new GREAT Idea for MTA!

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Please, if you DO make cheats unavailable, please keep the gunsgunsguns cheat available! Scince in gta3 online, people would probably be dying a lot, and I would hate to have to keep getting the weapons. Is there any way you can still make gunsgunsguns available to use? Or even better - If there were to be Classes in the game, the user could pick what acter and what class they'd want to be...

For example:

Pyro - Pistol, flamethrower and 5 or so Molotov Cocktails.

Sniper - Pistol, Sniper rifle (with lots of ammo)

Thug - Pistol, uzi, bat

Police (If possible) - M4, pistol, grenade

Terrorist - Ak47, pistol, grenade

And So on etc etc, I just think that this would be a great Idea for Mta. And If It cant fit in beta 3, then mabye you guys could think about it for later available versions, if possible.

Please consider this idea

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