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The Best Host I've Ever Had!! [VortexServers.com]


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Hey all, The best host i have ever had is from Vortex servers, They provide the best of hosting services just for us, to make it easier, My server is being hosted by Vortex, I will never leave Vortex.

They provide:

1- FULL FTP Access

2- 24/7 Support

3- 24/7 Alive server

4- NO lag

5- Unique Panel

6- Best Prices:

10 Slots for 1.50 USD

50 Slots for 7.50 USD

100 Slots for 15.00 USD

200 Slots for 30.00 USD

500 Slots for 75.00 USD

Locations (Customer Choice): Chicago - New York - Dallas - Seattle - Los Angeles - United Kingdom

I recommend Vortex Hosting services.

For more information visit: Http://www.Vortexservers.com :D:D:D

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