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Cops, MTA Client

Guest DarkDeviL

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I was wondering if in the next released version of MTA.

If there would be made so the nick could be longer,

like 15-20 signs, or more..

I don't know if "signs" are the exactly word for it. But it was the only one I found, I hope you guys understand what I mean...

And so the cops could put other people into the jail.. etc.. Like the cops do in single player.

It would be nice :)

And then they should start as same player type, VCC/Sailor/Mexican/Whatever.. as they was before, in font of a police station.. :)

-- DarkDeviL

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Here a little tweak to DarkDeviL's idea...

Instead of lengthing the name as a whole what if you just add a second definable box (oh, call it TAG) in front of the NICK box. Make it 6 characters long (he,he enough for BLASTA :mrgreen: ) so we can put stuff like Gang Initals (SM, VCPD, ect...), or Profession Types (COP, FBI, CROOK, (TARGET, hehe)) in it. :D

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Ppl get kicked off even when not cheating. For x-ample some guy got kicked coz admin was a noob and didn't know that Hunter cannot damage ppl although it seems like it's shooting. Admin tried to shoot the player and since he didn't die, but killed admin, he kicked the player for cheating

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