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I give up PLz Help me Somebody

Guest waleed

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:evil: Ok i ve had it with this thing i got everything up and running i installed everything correctly as shown then i go to the main screen and go to start new game the loading screen does show up you know the thing that has all the pics and stuff with the loading bar so when it finishes loding up a box appears with the message of the day which is retty cool by the way anyways as soon as this box appears and i press enter it shuts off and goes to my desktop with a error that says send reptort or dont snd report so if any body has an answer plz answer by the way here are my requirements. Windows Xp, 128mb ram, 850 mhz, redeon 7000 64mb ddr video card. :lol:
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Well he did put it simple but ill try to make it even more simple(i hope :

1. Check which version you have selected, in the client at the top right there is a drop down box ,change it to the other number 1.0->1.1 or 1.1->1.0 try them both.

2. Is your game in english?iff not try and set it in english and try again, you can also do it another way by replacing the langauge file, but ill not go tru that now.


Are you using mods?Car mods etcetc, iff so you must remove them.

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[quote name='"waleed

by the way here are my requirements. Windows Xp' date=' 128mb ram, 850 mhz, redeon 7000 64mb ddr video card.[/b'] :lol:

You did mean specs right? ok another problem might be that yoiur pc isnt good enough for GTA:VC .Vc minimuim requirments are :

800 MHz Intel Pentuim3 same for AMD Atlhon or 1.2 GHz Intel Celeron same for AMD Duron processor

128MB ram

8 speed cd/dvd drive

915mb hdd space(635mb if vieocard does not support DirectX texture drivers.

32 mb ram videocardwith DirectX9 compatible drivers("GeForce" or better)

Sound card with DirectX9.0compatible drivers

Keyboard and mouse.

And remember this is minimuiim requirements, recomended memory already gives you a problem.WIN XP itslef uses pretty much memory can you even play single player?I remember i had a stiick of 256MB I had to buy another stick of 256MB to make GTA work.

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