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I am finding it sickening the way the gang community as a whole seems to be sliding into flame wars and inter-gang politics, alliances and 'blacklists'.

It seems everyone is losing touch with the simple joy of playing our wonderful game and having much more fun being asses to each other on the forum. Using thier positions as gang leaders for personal vendettas, even going so far as to threaten/coerce other gangs to join them in hating another gang or they will suffer a similar fate themselves. This is just disgusting bullyboy tactics.

I used to enjoy reading the gang forum, finding out the latest gangs news and members and game discussions. Now it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I also have an increasing workload for the Team and am finding it difficult to devote much time to match arranging, league rule discussions etc, these are my lowest priority right now and my members deserve better.

I have therefore asked Loendal to become co-leader of VCA, and am pleased to say he has accepted. He will now take my place in the 5 way discussions between iggy, parker, xenex, mikiro, and now loendal for the 5-gang minileague we are in the middle of. He has the power to accept new members without having to check with me first etc. Major gang policy decisions are still my responsibility although I will of course listen to his council in such matters. I shall still take part in matches, training and pub invasions.

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I agree... I remember much better days in the Gangs forum :)

I think it all started with the "We'll pwnzorz j00!", and the weird as hell roleplaying... And when gang wars seemed to get "personal", and the flame wars, and the downright idiotic insults...

Gang wars are NOT something to really care about with your heart and soul. It's just a way to play on a team, against a different team, and have some fun with an organized match. It's when people forgot that that everything just got shot to hell. :(

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Let me clarify something, this is an announcement, not an ivitation to bring the damn arguing and flaming into MY THREAD that is against just that. christ it comes to something when i have to lock my own thread to prevent it becoming polluted.

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