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can some 1 help me? plz

Guest wax

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1st off hi all, this multi player gta vc has the beginnings of a real vertual world. just imagine hookers, gang wars, vice city snipers, car jackers, and kamikazi pilots bolwing up there local laws shop. i love the idea and most will but i need help to stay on a server more than 4-5 mins....thats how long i am playing before i get disconnected? any one have any ideas? also another problem i have is when you meet another player at a set rv, and when you do meet up they seem to be running around at 100 miles an hour? any ideas there any one? i have a 1mb broadband connecting so it can be a ping problem...can it? i no this multi player gta is still only in the make processs but i would like to thank all those who have helped in the making of it. i hope all the problems get sorted out lads and heres to a real world.....let's kick assl :roll:

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First of all Stanton stop spamming the forums , i think i seen 4 of your replies with only a smilie in it in the past 10 minutes.


Yes it would be nicec woudnt it, ok your problems,problem 1 cant stay conected longer then 5 mins:possible solutions :RTFM/FAQ/forums, configure your firewall/router, MTA isnt win 9X nor ME compatible.

Remove mods dont use cheats ,trainers.problem2 , : That is becuase walking/runninf animations havent been put in the game yet so even iff u have a fast conection it will still look like that, and it cn also be lag, doesnt have have to be yours, remember there are other people playing with slower conection then yours, even 56 K are playing. (i even heard osmoene say oncee he plays on a 26.6 k ,i didnt even know those things still existed)

To play on a server you have to open port : 2003 (i think also ) 2126.

Hope it helps

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thx xenex..i use windows ME :oops: so that probably explains it....i just took xp off my computer :cry: as it's rubbish for mohaa (medal of honor allied assault) for which i'm shaw i have played you before.....or another xenex? cheers, wax :lilangel:

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