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i dont get it

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Hello I am new to this topic I play vc for a while and heared i can play it on the internet so i downloaded mtavc 0.2 and would like to join a clan.

So I was wondering what clan owns the vercetti mansion?

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VKC Recruitment Thread - from now on, DO NOT POST ANYTHING until you have looked THOROUGHLY. It's all so freaking simple, yet you've managed to mess it up.

Please, no-one reply to this thread, let's let this sorry episode fall off the topic list as soon as possible. :roll:

(EDIT) Oh, and get that piece of crap out of your signature.

Why is it a piece of crap are you a facist or is it becouse it has nothing to do with gta vc?

sorry my mistake i didnt see that topic. :roll:

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