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I can only play for about 45 seconds, then i disconnect...

Guest Nexion

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Hey, im having a problem with multiplayer vice city. When i connect, and join the game, i can only play for about 45 seconds, then i disconnect, and when i return to my desktop i get a D8D3.dll error. I downloaded the 1.1 patch but i dont think that matters.

If anyone has anyideas help me out

Thanks a lot,


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downgrading versions of DX is easier said than done :-P

I'd reinstall the vefsino of DX you are running

if it continues to fail, contact your Gfx Card manufacturer..

though if its Nvidia or ATI then disregard the last statement as those are known to work fine.


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ive updated my drivers and now when i get disconnected no error comes up but whenever i play everyone elses ping is normail and mines is like -32950 or something so can you please give me any advice on how to fix this?

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