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unhandled expectation.

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I have no problems staying connected with the server when the game crashes... all you gotta do is end task gta-vc.exe in task manager before old Dr. Watson (drwatson.exe) creates it's super huge log files. If you cannot close gta-vc.exe then close drwatson.exe. the GTA VC rendering engine will close and you should still have MTAVC running and still connected. Just click start game and you're on your way again WITH you score intact :twisted:


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It happens more often to different people... It's very odd. Some people can go for a few hours, others can go for a few minutes.

BTW: Just because his GTA:VC crashed doesn't mean his score was reset... He could've crashed about 20 times in an hour, but his score wouldn't be reset.

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what do i have to do to sop this from randomly occuring when i'm playing vc.

its a problem with single player??? woah you truly do learn something new every day :P never crashed on me :roll:

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