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VCSL Back Up..


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Vice City Stunt Libary is back Up :D

Due to some computer problems we have to shut down the server for a month, But it is back up for now :lol:. We can start host vids and soon as possible (few bugs), I will let you now. Also we got a new link, it is at : http://www.vcsl.vze.com come and visit, make SURE to go the forums, toke me for ever to find a host the it 8) .




-Total free Hosting(Videos)


-Unlimited Movie Space(60GB HD)

-Own Directory(Your UserName)

-24/7(Most of the Time, Some Downtime My Ocor)

For those people that that are wondering about hosting for your video on my site, can you please upload your video to another site (http://www.freewebs.com,www,UltraHost.com)and send the link so i can view the video or if you have msn we could work something out .

If i think it is good then i will upload it. The video will only stay on the site only if it gets traffic and people download it. So make sure it good . Other wise it will get delete. I don't take anything not releated to GTA3 or Vice City.


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