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Ok doubt this has been suggested, but its an excellent idea, but will require a big server.

Have a new release made, where you must signup on the mta site for an account for mta. you must have a username and correct password to join a server.

Then the client can send your score to the server every once ina while and have a large stats db.

This will prevent faking names and strange character names, and opens the option to ban users from every server.

il ladd more later, bell rang

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like, everyone would know Bl0kk3r is fake, and not the real blokker. But at current state u can set nick to w/e, say i can be blokker.

Im skilled in php, i can write the scripts for signup possibly. and find out how to connect to a mysql DB for entering stats/users..

its possible

and randy bout registering new accoun,i meant ip banning :P

If the ip is checked on the server from the mta global ban list.. then there 0wn3d. cant play mta nomore :P. Could introduce alot of new ideas, such as 1week bans for cheaters and more

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