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Co-op Mode

Guest Hezus

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I would really like to see a co-op mode into this mod. Would be great to team up with your friends and fight computer-controlled gangs together.

Maybe it would be cool to have Co-operatvie missions into that co-op mode. Your gang get`s hired by a guy and you have to complete a task for him. (steal a car, kill someone, wipe out a gang, ect ect!) When you finsh the task, you get money to buy new weapons. With these weapons you can try to tacle a more difficult task from another employer.

This way you would have a complete GTA VC storyline, but then in co-op mode !

I know you guys are still in V 0.2 , so this might not be an issue yet, but please keep the co-operative option that I mentioned here in the back of your mind. The co-op aspect is really lacking or not even available in most games and that`s really a shame. All depends on the mod makers this way.

I really hope you put a feature like this into the mod in future releases ! Keep up the good work guys, the mod is really getting on it`s way.

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This plan is very old. Many people think of this and wish for it.... Think of the lag and the missions would be poorly made unless the best of the best modders made it..... :roll: It would only work good over an official future GTA release. I read on IGN about GTAworld.... saying aa game called "GTA world" saying how good they are because they made a plan for the game, i thought about that before GTA2 was released. You know those game ideas areas in gaming mags? I sent a game idea for gta to go 3d and online so that every civial, pedestrian was a person online, it didn't get published, but a few issues later GTA3 was in the prevews section :twisted:

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