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Not for MTA...but for this site...


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(sorry in advance if I should have put this under "site/forum related")

I thought of a really nice idea, and simple to implement to the site....

How about a newsletter? I mean, it's super easy and can be done whenever the news is updated. Just have a little mailing list input on the main page or something and then everyone can get MTA related news whenever it happens! I visit the site every damn day to see what's new, so I might as well stop hogging your server bandwidth and just get an email :)

Yes? No?

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yeah thats a good idea!

1:could u add gtaforums.com to your affiliates? im posting like wild their links! ppl (specially those who search for modding help or to post their projects/ideas)should know this site. only a few ppl can help u for those things on your site,so why not working together?

2:and plz!!! a little but great feature would be if u could notify users also by ICQ, cause i dont like to check my mail twice a-day. thx 4 ur answer:)

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