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Capture the Whoopee

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I guess this thread goes here now, It's good to see that MTA has their own forums, though I can't help but feeling sneaky about it. Oh well, I guess the ModStack forums have lotsa other topics to cover. Anyways, I've been working almost non-stop on the mission now, and it's starting to look better. I'm still working on a way to respawn the car when it hits water. ( It doesn't lock the system anymore if you crash into water - I'm sorry if that happend to anyone - ), but I have implemented other features now: The color of the car will change depending on what team owns it, when no-one owns it it will turn green, (Teamcolors are blue and red) Also, the dot on the map will change color to that of the car. I'll post a new download on my site when I've found a way to safely respawn the car if it fell in water.

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I'm new to this forum.. just checking it out! :D

Well I just wanted to say that the CTC idea is real good and I already downloaded the game.. just need to install it though :? The new colour thing (at least I think it new didn't saw it @ the old forum) is good! Well I'm hoping for a new release of both.. 0.3 and the new woopie :)

keep up the good work :mrgreen:


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