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How about an option for an admin to reset car locations?

After a few hours of playing the vehicles are everywhere and it's rare to find a car near a spawn point because people drive them to a better vehicle, abandon the spawn point vehicle, and take off in the new vehicle. So then you got to walk/run 5 miles till you find a nearly wrecked abandoned vehicle blah blah blah.

either that or have vehicles which idle for over a specified time auto-matically return to their spawn location?

*edit* (just remembered my other idea)

how about a different style of people being represented on the map? its hard to have a gang hideout if the enemy knows where you're at because of the multiple dots in one area. maybe either an admin option where the radar blips are just turned off completely or shows the people in the nearby area, or add something to the MTA client screen where you select who can see you on the radar (like the 'shared vision' feature for StarCraft).

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