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Couple of idea to look at

Guest Krayzie

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OK, first of all, big thimbs up lads ! banging mod!!!!

now, could you put different roles in besides the obvious ones like shop keepers, taxi drivers, ect...

also would you be able to do something with the money side of mta ? like you can buy something

from the shops, pay gangs for protection! hire staff, exchange money with other gangs for things,

smuggle things and get paid also do what you do to get money for your gang ?

you could use this money to buy weapons instead of finding them or robing them. althought it would

maybe be the first people on the server could choose from certain buisnesses, and start with certain amount of cash ?

and also :roll: could more characters be selected, and different charecters with diff skins ? and maybe

include gang member characters like the haitians etc

anyway id just thought id stick some thought down here before i goto bed :lol:

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