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[REL][v1.0] VoiceGui - Simple GUI for Voice (Updated 10/30)


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Ever wanted a nice little GUI to go with your server's voice chat? Well, you've come to the right place. This resource will require and use the Voice resource shipped with MTA 1.1.1

Download Here!

Because the Main Window is constantly refreshing, I had to make action windows for the main functions.

Press the M key to bring up the GUI. This can be changed in the client.lua script.

--At Line 1 in client.lua 
local menuKey = "m" 
--Change this string to any key you want. 

--At Line 1 in server.lua 
chans = {} 
users = {} 
chans[1] = "Main Chat" 
--to add more default channels or change Main Chat's name, 
--add more to the chans table.  ex: to make a second default 
--chans[2] = "Law Chat" 

Finished Features:

  • Main Window
  • Action Windows (Join Channel, Add/Remove Channel, Mute/Unmute User)
  • Channel Listing
  • User Listing for Current Channel
  • Auto-set to Channel 1 (Main Chat)
  • Add/Remove Channels
  • Channel Switching
  • Player Muting


  • Complete!





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Now available to download! See URL in the OP.

Maybe try to do sth similar to Mumble's interface? (mumble.sourceforge.net)

I looked into it, but to lay out channels and users like that in the GUI system would be much more difficult.

Administration Voice panel would be nice

Please give specifics.

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I'm thinking about converting it into dxDraw and changing the layout a bit. Thoughts? Most likely it would only list who is in the same channel as you because adding more would cause more calls to the server.



Of course, it wouldn't look this crappy, but the layout would look similar to this. I was planning on including color customization for the server owner. The only issue is when the list of channels and users gets too long to fit on the screen. I haven't found a way around this in dxDraw.

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