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  1. That was my project, I stopped developing it due to the fact that someone blocked newproxy in MTA:SA. Until it's fixed, it won't work.
  2. Why is there no 1.3.4 unstable net.so for Linux? I need it ASAP ._.
  3. Złóż to w sposób scriptkiddie-proof i będzie ok.
  4. Orange

    hello there

    dis account looks old, doesn't it?
  5. Orange

    WTF ! .. xD

    Don't worry, server will automatically close after reaching 1337 players trolled.
  7. Dobra, reaguję tak, bo rzygam tęczą jak widzę ludzi hostujących fora serwerów mta na nielegalnym IP.Board. btw. od kogo kupiłeś?
  8. What a noobish map. You drive forward and that's all. Just few stunts. A lot of fanbois here too claiming that it's great. Unfortunately, it isn't.
  9. obvious troll is obvious, TAPL's code copied.
  10. Or try to run SA-MP roleplay script with AMX
  11. My master, you're wrong. Delete http-client-files and restart server.
  12. Obvious troll is obvious. Unfortunately, ppl who managed to decompile secured code don't want to share us the information how to do it.
  13. Śmiedzi skryptem bobera
  14. IPB? Mama dała ci 500zł za skrypt? To lekka paranoja, dwa polskie serwery w mta wydały grube pieniądze za to a ludzie piratują jak najęci.
  15. I knew that it would happen, anyway: silvi is in Mate_'s clan, don't believe him :> That "YourSecurityFails" shit happened on my BaseMode server too. I told you before about that remote panel, which happened to be that banlist JESUS CRIES, MASJ CAN YOU STOP ASSLICKING? Mate_ created remote banlist functionality, which simply allowed to ban me (didn't he want to ban me, huh?). let me quote my previous post: "but Mate_ is god on A/D scene, and nobody gives a about what he does." There's already a project for that, started by me.
  16. Did you know that my shader skills are low? Sorry, I'm unable to do it
  17. That's why I left A/D scene. Basically, who is on it right now? Group of Polish ppl who believe that Mate_ and DivX are gods? Arabs who don't have life except MTA? Russians, who already moved to Tactics? It doesn't make sense for me anymore. I proved that I'm able to create a cheat, now I'm hated. I gave them fake files - they reported it to ccw. lolwat? I'm not a cheater and I'm fighting with cheaters. MahaZ, I wonder why are you asslicking them. You are doing everything to join/be (whatever, I'm not interested in it) ANO. About script: the problem is that Mate_ can't just make up his mind and do something WHICH MAKES SENSE. Putting anticheat in other resource (also, making it uncompiled, with settings) AND CREATE OWN MAPMANAGER, WHICH WOULD ONLY REQUIRE ADMIN RIGHTS (also, uncompiled). The rest of this shit can be still compiled, nobody would care about it then. But of course, 2 years ago "he found a right way", and now he can't even think logically. Additionally, it's possible to make A/D Aspect work with mapmanager, but Mate_ is god on A/D scene, and nobody gives a fuck about what he does. Unfortunately, russian ppl who created a BaseMode (or A/D Aspect now) alternative, copied his idea. Right now, we have 3 gamemodes of type, which can be easily exploited. Cool, isn't it? I wish I could have more time, so I would develop OpenBase faster. Making money from server in MTA isn't an easy job, it takes most of my free time. EDIT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Least_user_access
  18. and the reply was Say WHERE, not what can you provide.
  19. Orange

    IRC ban

    Isn't it a permaban on #mta? ;p
  20. setElementRotation() setElementHealth() addVehicleUpgrade()
  21. Orange

    IRC ban

    Well, I mean that I won't be able to check if I'm unbanned, as my IP changes.
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