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Should we get a completly new site  

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  1. 1. Should we get a completly new site

    • Yes, i hate the current one
    • No, but the current one could be improved
    • Leave it as it is

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  • MTA Team

for an unknown reason some of the team members want to press the delete button on the site dir and build a complete new site. I think this is a bad idea because we already have our 3° site version in 7 months.

I know the site can be improved certainly the navigation and i will start working on that. But what do you guys think

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personally, i would wait until i had seen what those members had come up with

If their site is better (if you want to blokker) you should be able to create a site yourself, or improve upon the existing one, and then the team (or public if thats what you guys prefer) can choose the best one

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