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SiN - Recruiting


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The story about SiN is that it used to be a very old Rainbow Six Eagle Watch clan that I would like to bring to Vice city. Here is some FAQ you might want to know about this clan (yes I know that you all call it gangs but I call a group of people a clan).

How many members are in your clan?

As of now no one but thats the whole point of recruiting

How do I join?

I would like to recruit ONLY people with talent. If you are interested in joining please send me an E-Mail telling your





Experience is what other games you may have played, how many other games you have played. What is your favorite game? All that junk.

Does your clan EVEN have a webpage?

As of right now no (ha) but I cant start making one unless I know I can atleast get a group of people. I do know how to make a website and I will just as soon as people send in their emails so send them!

Why are you so damn organized?

Well if you want a clan you have to be

This is the real deal with a clan. Most clans die in about 10 hours but I want this one to last and kick some ass so lets get a good team together.

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