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Rys' GTA Skins site launch


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them skins arnt that good - dont try the i dont see you making sites shit on me cos i do make sites but not on the crap that you think up

Everyone has to start somewhere, i bet the first site you made wasn't as good as what u can do now, like mta and gtat, the first mp mod they made in all fairness was a bit unusable, but they've both made it easy to use now, if we just said mta crap from the begging then no other mods would probably try either. I didn't think it looked to bad, i don't like sites with tons of stupid flashy stuff on it, i think its nice to have the option to view the site in super duper flashing extra crap mode, and nice to have a quick site which is simple to use and doesn't take u half an hour to figure out the navigation on the site

oh yea, and mebbe u should make the background of the site white, cuz my background colour is sete to a dull gray, so if urs is set to white it probably looks fine on yours :)

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Thanks for the positive comments. I made it that way for a reason. Most of it is navigation, you go click skins, see what you want click it and be gone. I call it 'simple yet effective'. It's not great, I can do much better, but it gets its job done.

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