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MTA for Mac CXEx Port



I have seen many threads about MTA for the Mac and thought that I would post this.

There is a CXEx port for MTA to the Mac. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is basically a a small .app with a windows engine built in. All you do is copy and paste the windows install files into the .app and then install MTA using the Installer.app. All instructions are provided.


You will have to make an account on portingteam.com to view the post.

Finally everyone with a mac can now play MTA easily without having to switch into Windows with Bootcamp or play in a slow and buggy VM! The performance on the highest settings is just as good as a PC, however I have a high end mac, so your performance my be worse.


I did not make this port nor am I making any claim to have made it. I am merely reposting it so more people can benefit from it. I am not affiliated with portingteam.com in any way, other than being a member to download ports.

P.S. Intel Macs ONLY

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I have MTA running under OS X using Crossover Games. Install GTA into a fresh bottle, then install MTA into the same one, then you might need to copy a couple of fonts over to the bottle's C:/windows/fonts/ folder, but other than that it works well.

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