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reduce miss by lag


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(before reading:: this is just my idea, i'm not a dev or coder, just someone with an idea.

Maybe this is exactly what happens, i don't know)

as explained in https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?t=3157

you: P1

your opponent: P2

P1 shoots: hit

but due to lag P2 sees the bullets 200ms (example) later,

and its a total miss in his client

the game isn't synched well.

so to evade this problem:

server keeps log : when and to where there was being shot.

you shoot, P1's client calculates (or server calculates) bullets path and keeps it the serverlog .

P2 then calculates the latency and checks back the log for the lag time

(if its 200ms lag, it searches the log what happens 200ms ago)

and then compares where player was (200 ms ago).

If the bullet path and player position come together, its a hit.

There is no instant reaction in P2's client. But what happens will be accurate and synched.

the server only keeps log of past 1/2/3 secs

If you don't understand what i say, tell me, and i will explain it.

I know my english isn't perfect



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its the way counter-strike works.

i know CS is totally different of GTA,

but if you use the basic idea and the details are adjusted to GTA?

i don't know, I'm quite sure the dev's will come up with a more accurate, realistic and working idea.

i hope i've helped ( probably not, but i can try :-D)



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