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Hey there, I've decided to upload my gang system, I will write below the features and how to use it.

[-] Features:

Add/Kick members. 
Add/Remove sub leaders. 
Gangs list: leader, member count. 
Leave gang 
Destroy gang 

[-] Exported functions:

addGang - Arguments: gangName, gangLeader. Returns: true or false. 
removeGang - Arguments: gangName. Returns: true or false. 
doesGangExists - Arguments: gangName. Returns: true or false. 
getGangList - Arguments: None. Returns: A table with gang list. 
getGangMembers - Arguments: gangName. Returns: A table with gang members. 
addGangMember - Arguments: gangName, accountName, addedBy. Returns: true or false (if false, it'll return a second argument with the error.). 
removeGangMember - Arguments: gangName, accountName, kickerName (if used it'll output who kicked the member, else it'll output that you left). 
isGangMember - Arguments: gangName, accountName. Returns: true or false. 
getAccountGang - Arguments: accountName. Returns: The gang name, 'None' otherwise. 
getGangLeader - Arguments: gangName. Returns: The gang leader. 
getGangSubLeaders - Arguments: gangName. Returns: A JSON string with gang sub leaders. 
isPlayerGangInvited - Arguments: thePlayer. Returns: 3 arguments: invited, gangName, inviter. 
getPlayersByGang - Arguments: gangName. Returns: A table with gang players. 
isGangSubLeader - Arguments: gangName, accountName. Returns:  true or false. 

[-] How to use it:

U - Gang panel.

/gangs - shows a list of all gangs.


example: /creategang Torchwood

Enjoy it and have fun!

Download link:


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After months of not releasing anything I've decided to rewrite this resource to be more efficient and fix the bugs it had.

Today I've used my free time to do it, I've added 13 exported functions to manage the resource (check main post to get info about them).

I know many people has been reporting that it was bugged, so here it is, as far as I've tested it has no bugs so far.

Edit: I forgot to mention that /gangs won't open if there aren't any gang created.

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Nice work Solidsnake but could u add some settings in meta for example to set the collumn title in scorebard since some other servers are not english. and someone like "Group" better and im sure there are some other useful settings u can add

Why don't you do it yourself?

Resource is public. :)

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Just to mention i understand why solidsnake compiled this because there are people dumb enough to steal credits especially for a script like this wich needs u to know SQLite coding too

I dont really see why people remove credits i could printed Castillo on every resource i make because i dont see what differnce that is for the players,

and capy if i could i would just changed the part on the script wich adds the collumn in scoreboard....

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oh was writing a bit fast i meant SQLite anyway if you make this small setting so i can set the collumn title i want i would be thankful

Done, uploaded a update.

Change log:

Added settings for: scoreboard column name, gang panel bind, gangs list command, create gang command. Added a new exported function: isGangSubLeader (gangName, accountName).

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i found some bugs /gangs dont give you any ability to close window, when you invite someone the message the guy who got invited should get the inviter gets, sub leader can kick leader ;O but cant destroy gang make subleader unavaible to kick leader

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/gangs dont give you any ability to close window

This was fixed on version 2.1, I forgot to add it to the change log ;).

when you invite someone the message the guy who got invited should get the inviter gets

Fixed on version 2.2.

make subleader unavaible to kick leader

Fixed on version 2.2.

Thanks for reporting these bugs :).

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