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hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4


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I can't seem to get the menu to raise in race 1.2? I have copied the resource to the resources folder on the server, it confirms it runs in console with "MTA:SA HANDLING EDITOR [hedit.googlecode.com]", but pressing "b" as an admin in race doesn't seem to work... I have edited the acl to give the resource admin as documented... but nothing?

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settings_c.xml won't created

i have the file create from older version, and because that the menu work for me

but the others player didn't have this file and menu not work



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Thanks dude I'll try it now.

Is there a way to set handling now per map?

The way DRuG is laid out, the maps that have custom cars have it substituted via some lua with the map, it would be great to have those custom cars including a handling line as specified by the vehicle rigger.

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Hedit is getting abandoned, we need more developers. I totally lost the interest in the project and I'm busy with my own server now which I love to do. Nevertheless people would still like updates on it. So, if anyone like to help the project, no matter in what way, PLEASE contact me or John_Michael. I will thank you forever for anything you can do <3 Thank you!

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Hey all, just wanted to let you know that me and Remi-X are still alive, but we need more ideas! Currently, I am trying to implement the GTA:IV importer, but need help with tuning some of the variables (click here to take a look). Other than implementing III and VC importing, I'm out of ideas. So, HELP PLS! You can always submit patches to me or Remi-X for review.

Pehraps a master server which uses some website to store loads of handling lines, so people can use other peoples handling from across servers. Though saying that, most of the handling lines on there would properly be complete disasters lol

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HandlingEditor Lean-and-Mean

A new version of hedit is planned - named 'lean-and-mean'. It is intended to be a lighter version of hedit with more efficient, better structured code. Details coming soon.

Then put this 'more efficient structured code' in the normal version ;)

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