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Hello, I like MTA very much, and I'd just like to send my wishes to the MTA team for creating a very popular and quality modification for a great game. Kudos for working so hard without profit.

Anyway, I noticed something while I was playing MTA the other day. I'm not sure if this only occurs to me, or if it is an issue that others have. I noticed that whenever I am in a car, and another player is in a bike, I can only toss them off their vehicle if I have a head-on collision with them. They never seem to fall off when I hit them from behind. I never tried colliding with them from the side. I just wanted to let the MTA team be aware of this, and hopefully a fix will be made easily.

I apologize if this has been addressed already. Thanks for your time.

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This was most likely caused by LAG. On your screen, you hit the motorcycle, but the one on the motorcycle never saw you hit him, or just you missing him by inches.

But, motorcycles do tend to be glued to the street somehow. In single player, I've had a FBI Rancher land ontop of me and my pcj while going at very high speed. It pushed my bike completely down, but I didn't fall off, nor did I loose much speed.

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