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In-Game Scores and ...

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wold be very nice an in-game scores like on pressing TAB will sow ur scores and from others (liek another games) but only when that thing of deathmatch limitations are done (this https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?t=2526 )

another thing... raising the numbers of chars... 12chars is to liitle to put mine nickname and tag, rising to 16 or 18 even 20 wold be nice, and if this have problems whit leght in the chat menu thing u can reduce the size of chars like if the leght of nick are <= than 10 the size of them wold be 15, if the if the leght of nick are >10 and <16 the size will be 12... i think u know what i mean :)

and last thing... in mta client u can put a timer in chat window, like if u send a mensage the houtr of the menage apear before teh mensage like this:

[1:12:02] - Scorpion_Blood: Hi DuDeS

[1:12:15] - Beauty_Girl: Hi, u bad boy ;-@ (hehe)

or remove the senconds ;)

but u have to put a timer in mta:vc client, like when connect to server the time sync whit mta:vc client...

something like that =) i personly thing this are good sugestions and sorry if this was alredy suggested =) (admins u can delete, edit, or something else if this is repost, ur job in forums are these ;)


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