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MTA 0.5 installer repack released

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I've compiled a repack of MTA 0.5's full installer. This does not include my SCM updates or any other significant client updates.


- Includes External Server Browser for 0.x since MTAClient 0.5's built-in server browser is not functional (see viewtopic.php?f=44&t=28577 for details)

- Includes MTA Server Patch 1 Hotfix (see viewtopic.php?f=44&t=27645 for details)

- Removed MTA Error Reporter since the system is not currently operational

- Replay (F1 and F3 keys in-game) is disabled for MTA:VC to prevent desync

- Removed MTAPH.exe (MTA Protocol Handler) since it serves no useful purpose

- Fixed error message when trying to run MTAServerConfigTool

- Fixed some uninstaller issues (most, if not all, MTA files should be deleted upon uninstallation, as well as shortcuts)

Those are the *only* changes in this repack. There have been no updates to actual gameplay or sync. The idea is to have a working and patched 0.5 installation out of the box.


When running Windows Vista or 7, you are unable to connect to a server in MTAClient after pressing "Connect" in MTABrowser.

Solution: Run MTABrowser as an Administrator (right click the shortcut or the actual .exe -> "Run as administrator"). Not sure if this is fixable, sorry!

Spamming the "Refresh" button may cause the server list to appear twice in its entirety (screenshot) (does not affect Linux version)

Solution: Don't spam the button! :mrgreen:

This may be fixed in a future release.


Or download the manual installation archive if you prefer

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Bug confirmed, it seems to be an issue with MTABrowser and not MTAClient. Will fix the bug and update the installer soonish.

EDIT: Found some more bugs in MTABrowser. Will have them fixed and also add an icon for the application. Linux version of MTABrowser is not affected by these bugs.

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Installer updated, download.


- MTABrowser 1.1, which fixes the mentioned IP bug and limits the "Nick" field to 12 characters as is the maximum in MTAClient (trying to use >12 characters results in MTAClient failing to launch on connect), and adds an application icon (thanks adamix for the quick fixes!)

- Added Start Menu shortcuts for MTABrowser and a link to the MTA Forums, and changed the Desktop shortcut to MTABrowser instead of MTAClient

- All shortcuts removed properly during uninstall

Also updated Known Issues pages and some Wiki pages to reflect new installers + server packages.

EDIT: Noticed another minor installer bug and forgot to include the MTA Server Configuration Tool PDF manual. A fixed installer will be uploaded in a few days with a new version of MTABrowser to fix a few minor issues.

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Installer updated again, download.


- MTABrowser 1.1.1, which fixes the issue where navigating the server list using arrow keys or clicking again on an already selected server in the list does not refresh the player list

- Installer now launches MTABrowser instead of MTAClient upon successful installation

- MTA Server Configuration Tool PDF manual included

If you don't feel like reinstalling, you can download MTABrowser 1.1.1 alone.

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hi guys,

i tried to download it but im having a trojan horse now and cannot open the file. any other options available?

im running windows 7 home edition.


installer integrity check has failed. common causes include imcomplete download and damaged media.


Add an exception for mta_full_installer_repack.exe and MTAClient.exe in your antivirus program. There is no virus or malware, MTAClient is being detected as a false positive primarily because of its mediocre anti-cheat system.

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It's probably blocking the download before it reaches your computer, thus corrupting it and leading to that error. Try turning off your A/V until it's finished installing. Then add an exception and re-enable it.

yes i know, i also did. but after playing 4 times my antivirus deleted a file of mta because it was suspected, so i need to reinstall everything again. i also had the problem when i was at the external browser list, that i couldnt connect to a server so thats kinda strange.

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