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Surrender Mode [WEAPON-RELEASE]


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I'm not sure if mod can do this, but

It'll be a good idea if players can release their weapons.


Player press a key to release whatever weapon currently selected.

Player can release all weapons by releasing selected weapons repeatedly until all weapons are gone (except fists).

The benefit:

1. Hide weapons

2. Weapon-Retriever in GangFight (Give retrieved weapon to others)

3. Disable weapons (when entering area)

example: In bloodring, user can release their weapon in a special place or "locker"

4. "Surrender your weapon" feature

What do you think, folks?


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i like the idea.

it could be easy coz kind of a locker is at airport or golf club

so it could be just placed near the bloodring to store weapons but it would have to be many of them

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