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do new maps cause MTA to crash?

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i just installed the beach stunt park to my game and I am wondering if this will cause the rest of the people to crash or will just not allow me to connect. I did hear that having differnet vehicle models may cause crashes but i heard nothing about this.

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The official line is still don't install any other mods when playing MTA.

However I don't believe any proper testing has been done yet and I'm sure that with map mods at least, if all the players have the same map installed it won't cause any problems. :)

This is something that needs testing, preferably on a LAN where you can control exactly who's playing with what.

If anybody feels like experimenting, or has done so already, please share your results on this forum.

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well i just installed the map and i went to a random server no one else had the stunt park and i crashed, and probably crashed others, every half an hour or so. I reinstalled Vice city and didnt crash once while i was playing. But I really dont understand how something like custom cars could make you crash if its just a model change and dosent change handling or anything. In counterstrike I use all custom models for my guns, but maybe thats cuz cs has been out for three years. Anyway the moral of the story is play with a fresh install. If you want mods for single player than just make one installation for MTA and one for SP. And of course, only mod the single player one.

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custom cars are not the same as original cars, they could be smaller or larger than the original car.

for example: if you're driving thru a path between 2 buildings.. and your custom car fits exactly between, but the original car doesn't.. the other clients could be crashing because they see the original car in collission with the 2 buildings

if you replaced the Stinger for a bike, and you're trying to do a wheelie.. other clients will see the stinger sticking half in the ground and they may crash because this isn't right.

another point could be that the custom car is faster than the original car..

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