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MTA DM and MTA Race installed?

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Hi, is it possible to have MTA DM and MTA Race both installed on your computer? I've tried a lot of things:

-Different San Andreas directory's to install MTA DM and MTA race in a different installation

-Installed MTA DM and MTA Race in other directory's.

Is there any other way to have MTA DM and MTA Race?

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I don't see why you would want it, but oh well...

DM and Race appear to both put a folder in your GTA San Andreas directory, which override eachother. There appears to be some application for switching it or something, although I don't have any more info on this nor where to get it.

The nightlies though no longer use this folder, and just put it in the MTA installation folder. So these should support dual-install with Race. This means that MTA SA 1.0 (no longer called DM) will probably also support dual install. However, I doubt you'd still need race by then.

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I don't see why you would want it, but oh well...

Because I like the MTA Race Map Editor, and prefer the online gameplay of MTA.

But you say it is possible? Not here, T think than. Because I do have MTA Race and MTA SA 1.0 installed in each other directory, and in each other San Andreas Installation.

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Because I like the MTA Race Map Editor, and prefer the online gameplay of MTA.

And what about the nightly map editor? For as far as I know it has almost all support from the Race one and much (and I mean MUCH) more. Besides that the maps don't need conversion. :D (and no tricks are necessary to install both DP AND 1.0)

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As most people know, if you want to make new race maps for the server, the best way is to use the MTA:Race map editor - but both MTA:Race and MTA:DM try to install files to the same folders. So for anyone also trying to do this, here are instructions on how to get both working side-by-side.
Have MTA:DM already installed.

Rename your MTA San Andreas folder (default location is C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas) - I renamed it to "MTA San Andreas DM".

Rename your MTA folder in the San Andreas install(default location is C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\MTA) - I renamed it to "MTADM"

Now install MTA:Race - and this is important - to the same place MTA:DM used to be! (In the default case, C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas, which should also be the default for the installer.)

Now we need to fix a couple of mistakes MTA team made with the latest release of MTA:Race.

Taken from: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... or#p285768

1. rename the "MTA San Andreas\mods\editor" folder to "MTA San Andreas\mods\map_editor\"

2. copy the models folder from MTA San Andreas\mods\map_editor\ to MTA San Andreas\mods\race\

3. create \mods\map_editor\maps

also' date=' only if you have Windows Vista:

Rename client.dll to any other name (I appended the extension .old to it) in MTA San Andreas\mods\race.

This will stop MTA:Race from crashing on load, but it also disables playing Race. You can only use the map editor.

Now you should be able to load MTA:Race. (same shortcut as usual)

To restore MTADM, we have to rename the folders around:

Rename the new MTA San Andreas (I renamed to MTA San Andreas Race) and rename the MTA San Andreas DM folder back.

Rename the MTA folder (I renamed to MTARace) and rename MTADM back.

And now MTA:DM will work again.

All that renaming can be a pain to do everytime, so I whipped up a batch file to do it automatically. I just have to run the batch file to load Race, and it renames the folders, loads Race - then when it quits, renames the folders back so DM will work again.

If you want to use it too, paste this into a blank text file:

set MTAPATH=C:\Program Files\




set GTAPATH=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\







"%MTAPATH%%MTAFOLDERNAME%\Multi Theft Auto.exe"






Change the paths and names in the "set" lines to match your install. They're currently set according to the examples I've given. Then save the file with the extension .bat or .cmd (either works) and run that when you want to use the map editor in race. When you close race, the command window will still be open - press any key to let the batch file rename your folders back.

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