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How to install correctly MTA DM after installing MTA race

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Hi all ! MTA have a lot of things to install (MTA race 1.1.1 , MTA race 1.1.2 , MTA DM v1 , v2 , v2.3 ... ) , but what is the corect order to make all work perfectly ? Now I have just MTA race 1.1.1 and MTA race 1.1.2 in the same place, I see DM have a map editor and we cancreat easy loops , now I want to download DM (the last update) , but where Is the best place to install DM and to play DM and race without problems and wich version of DM I need to install before or after ... ? thanks for help , now im looking for a wiki about this.

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MTA:Race and MTA DP1, DP2 and DP2.3 conflict and cannot be installed together, there's a tool that messes with registry keys to make it work if you really wanted both installed. However seeing you want to use the new map editor, that's not possible in DP2.3 only in the latest nightlies. You can get them here:


Note that nightlies and MTA:Race can be installed in seperate directories and they both work. ;)

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