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I take it all back


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Haha, sorry guys, i take everything back about what i said about MTA:VC, i tried it out tonight, and i must say, for someone like me who bitched alot about it, i really enjoyed it, you guys definately deserve props, can't wait to see that scoreboard in 0.2


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Haha....nope, i've been hooked on BF1942 for the last year almost, i gave up on GTA3:MTA, but i thought i'd come back and see if you guys ever pushed for a VC edition, and you did, so i trashed it for a bit, cause i thought it would have been like 0.3b, but just for VC, well i was wrong, and it's very enjoyable. I'll be playing that mod for a while, can't wait for the next release, it'll only get better.

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