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Will we ever have these functions?

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I already suggested some of this stuff on the forum but I didn't get any reactions from any developers. Will we ever have functions like this on MTA:

"set_object 1@ animation "BBALL_JUMP_SHOT_O" IFP_file "BSKTBALL" 1000.0 lockF 0 loop 1"

This is pretty much the same thing as for player's animation, but here, it's for objects, for example, here, it's a ball bouncing. So what about a "setObjectAnimation" function?

"070A: AS_actor 358@ attach_to_object 359@ offset 0.0 0.0 0.0 on_bone 6 16 perform_animation "NULL" IFP_file "NULL" time 1"

This function does a way better job than the current MTA function getPedBoneFunction... This function automaticly attach the objects to the bones, and in every angles (I heard the one in MTA can only permit to calculate two angles) plus you can set offsets. What about a attachElementToPedBone function?

"Object.CollisionDetection(0@) = True

Object.Throw(0@, 23@, 24@, 25@)"

The first function will enable physics on objects, like if you place an object in the air, it will fall on the floor, if it has cols. and the second one, I'm not pretty sure about it but, I guess it throws the object somewhere, and it looks realistic, like, it makes an arc in the air just like if you were throwing an object.

I also found some functions that I don't understand the use of, maybe these are interesting, maybe these are not.

"059F: get_object 1@ velocity_in_direction 2@ 3@ 4@

05A6: get_object 1@ rotation_velocity_about_an_axis_X 5@ axis_Y 6@ axis_Z 7@ through_center_of_body "

I think this is a code to make the ball make an arc in the original game's basketball script. the first function is similar to setElementVelocity I think, but the second one looks (maybe interesting).

As I remember I've seen a function that allows you to open/close parts of the vehicles (doors, trunk etc) I think it would be cool too. MTA Dev. Team has done so many things so far that nobody exepted and I guess adding these won't be hard job, I hope I'll get reactions here, see y'all later.

PS: For those who don't know, all the functions I listed are from the main GTA SA's script main.scm.

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