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can i make an coordinate schorter


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hi, i am an lua noobie and i am trying to learn so...

here's a question:

i have this command you see (its made by myself)

function displayPlayerCoordinates(thePlayer, command) 
    local x,y,z = getElementPosition(thePlayer)  
    outputChatBox("your coordinates:".. x ..",".. y ..","..z, thePlayer) 
addCommandHandler("pos", displayPlayerCoordinates) 

but when i type the command ingame it works perfectly, but it only shows coordinates that is a big float.

now my question is: how can i make my command so that is dispays the float shorter like this:

your coordinates: 567.12,542.89,8457.12 

instead of

your coordinates: 567.1232385 ,542.898776, 8457.1296396 

regards prolol1337

i hope you ca help me out

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